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    Dental tourism in Tirana

    Capital and largest city of Albania, Tirana is a bit of the image of the country: frenetic, a bit crazy, animated, cemented and with secret places to offer to those who can find them.Tirana has been the capital of Albania since 1920 It is a relatively new city founded in 1614 by Sulejman Bargjini, a feudal of the area at that time. The city began to grow in the early 18th century. The name “Tirana” is thought to come from the word “Theranda”, from ancient Greek and Latin sources, which the aborigines called it Te Ranat, because the camp was formed of rigid materials that the surrounding waters had brought from the mountains.

    Tirana Tourism

    Today Tirana is not only the most populated city in Albania, but also the largest political and economic center of the country. The Adriatic Sea and Dajti Mountain are close to the city. It takes less than an hour by car to reach the sea. A large park with an artificial lake is located south of the city.

    What to visit.

    • The Ethem Bey mosque located in the center of Tirana. It was built in 1789. Together with the Clock Tower (1830) they reflect an important part of Tirana’s history.
    • Ministries represent architectural values. They were built in the year 1930
    • Pertrela Fortress It is located south of Tirana on the right side of the national road that connects the capital with the city of Elbasan.
    • The fortress of Preza belongs to the 15th century. It has a dominant and facing position and the Kruja mountain. This castle is declared as “a monument of culture”.
    • Martyrs Cemetery which contains the monument of “Mother Albania”.
    • The tomb of Kapllan Pasha built in 1814. The tomb honors Kaplan Pasha, who ruled Tirana in the 19th century.
    • Museums:
    • National Historical Museum
    • archaeological Museum
    • Fine Arts Gallery

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    Dental tourism in Durres

    Durres in reality, emotion aside, is a city that I recommend you include in your itinerary if you are thinking of organizing a holiday in Albania. Not only because Durres is elegant, with its promenade dotted with cafes that comes alive in the evening, for the stroll, between merry-go-rounds and stalls, or for the ease with which this city knows how to welcome Italian tourists, making them feel at home right from the start. start, thanks to its many restaurants where highly sought-after Italian dishes are cooked to perfection and to the many people who speak Italian or are simply Italian.

    Thing that struck the most in Durres is the Roman Amphitheater. It is the largest Roman amphitheater in the Balkan, but despite this …

    He had been forgotten! Rediscovered only in the twentieth century, its real dimensions cannot be understood because in the middle there are… some houses! In short, it is worth seeing it and knowing (if you are interested) its history also because it involves one of the universities of Italy, the University of Parma! If you have time, it is also worth taking a tour of the historic center, visiting the Archaeological Museum, admiring the mosque and taking a walk along the promenade which is really crowded, especially in the evening.

    History, art, sun, beach in one name Durres.

    Facing the Adriatic coast of Italy, at a distance of only 150 km from the sea, is Durres, a city that is experiencing one of the greatest developments in Albania from an economic, social and cultural point of view. With its 400,000 inhabitants it is the second most important city in the area after the capital Tirana. Port and crossroads of trade and trade during the Illyrian and Roman period, Durres still manages to maintain its ancient role today, albeit in a different way.

    Those who arrive in the city will be able to appreciate the testimonies of the numerous civilizations and cultures that have followed one another here: to remember the Roman amphitheater, located in the center of the city, the largest in the Balkans, which could accommodate up to 20,000 spectators; the Byzantine forum, with its colonnade and the small church of the same period with its mosaics; the great 15th century mosque, rebuilt during the 1990s.

    For those who want to stroll, however, the promenade with its many cafes and restaurants is the perfect place, together with the boulevard that leads directly to the city center, flanked by all kinds of shops.